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important grand magnate Credit Card(people and Commercial companies)

He is a great business giants, big company, he thought bigger, he have big success, he has a lot of money and Commercial companies) or

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Origin of biger

biger,We define:Big one,Great people,Great company,Big companies,Business giants,Huge,bigger,Think big,Think big picture,A big success(Hit the big time)...

They are the people standing at the top of the Golden Tower.

Company legal person,Government staff,CEO,administrators,Hackers for Justice(white hats),Tycoons,magnate,technical brains,technical talents,technical elites,smart techies……Numerous outstanding individuals...

They are enterprises/Companies standing at the top of the Golden Tower.

Google Inc,Apple Inc,Microsoft and other enterprises

big Word Splitting Interpretation

big + er

"er "It represents objects, people, and others.

English words with the ending "er" for person:master、woker、farmer、sister、brother、mother、father、teacher、worker、diver、cleaner、famer、writer、singer、killer、painter、manager、murderer、thinker、dancer

English words with the ending "er" for object:digger、cooker 、hanger、feeler、washer、boiler、dryer、cooker、laser、pullover

Other English words that end with 'er':anger、answer、barrier、border、butter、cancer、career、cashier、centimeter、chapter、character、computer、container、cooker、corner、cucumber、danger、deer、dinner、disaster、dishwasher、disorder、drawer、encounter、eraser、finger、flower、gender、hamburger、hammer、heater、helicopter、hunger、laughter、layer、leather、letter、litter、manner、matter、master、meter、murder、newspaper、number、offer、order、paper、poster、quarter、reminder、river、rubber、saucer、semester、shelter、shoulder、shower、silver、soccer、summer、supper、sweater、temper、theater、thunder、tiger、water、winte

big VS large great huge

big VS large great huge,They have too many letters.They big is common words,They are not common words.The first grade child knows it, but he may not know them.

big VS tycoon magnate billionaire

tycoon,This word originated in Japan,It is a transliteration of '大君', Meaning: General of Japan,It has a bad connotation.

billionaire,billion + aire,It has a bad connotation.Its moral is not good.It does not have a nice meaning.It means that all the money you have worked hard to earn has disappeared and become air

magnate,Although there are many letters in words, the meaning conveyed by words is exactly one of the user groups we need.

Meaning difference


New York is a big commercial city.


The oceans are large bodies of water.


Einstein was one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th century.


Huge chimneys belched forth smoke and grime

big,It contains large/great/huge,and other meanings

big means is Large company\magnate

The big noun means is Large companies(n)\tycoon(n)。The evidence is this picture。"big + er" ,It seems more suitable to express this meaning.

big business:Big companies > Large companies

Big companies,It's used more.

Grandee/worthy/magnate/tycoon/mogul/someone important/Grand people:Big xxx > Great man/Great personage

Big Shot\big fish\Big names\big guns\big wheel\big wig\big man\big noise\a big merchant\bigger people\big bug\big cheese\big enchilada\bigwigs\biggie,They are the used more.

Big xxx,It's used more.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Initially, our company wanted to launch, it lacks spirit。

it is big, and getting bigger,Is the best effect.

big and bigger,Is the spirit of our pursuit。,It doesn't make people think of a bigger meaning,But it has too many letters.The biggest meaning is maximum/the largest.It can only represent one, not suitable,But it has too many letters.It is a generic term and not suitable for branding.,It seems to be the best choice。

LOGO creativity of biger

The top of the pyramid,It represents status、social status, social class.

Shining with light, It represents contribution、Social contribution.

Growing larger/Getting big and bigger, It represents the spirit.